Our philosophy

Our basic philosophy is to “pour our spirit into our manufacturing.”
We put our thoughts for the end user in each and every of our products. From the researchers to the development team, along with manufacturers and sales staff, everyone involved in the creation, manufacturing and selling of our products works with our customers in mind.
We devote ourselves wholeheartedly to contributing to people and society through manufacturing genuine quality with sincerity, pouring our spirit into products that provide health and beauty for both body and soul.

The Amore Group’s concept of AMOLIR means “to be loved.”
We thrive to contribute to society by being a “company that is loved,” releasing “products that are loved,” that in turn help customers feel “loved.”
We have been involved in the medical field for many years, and taking advantage of our experience, along with our network of relations (medical doctors, university research institutes, scientists) we have released our Dr.PUR BEAUTE COLLECTION.
We are committed to investing our heart and sincere efforts into developing products that pursue “true beauty” as well as “genuine health.”



The name PUR BEAUTE is a phrase inspired from French, meaning “pure beauty.”
In addition to a beautiful appearance, a healthy mind in a healthy body is what pure beauty signifies for us. We therefore aim to create products that also promote “the beauty of the mind.”



Outer Beauty & Inner Beauty

Not only physical beauty, but also a healthy body and a wholesome mind are what for us constitute “true beauty.”
The foundation of beauty care starts first and foremost with health.
By insisting on developing inner beauty, we work in pursuit of true beauty, one that radiates through from the inside.

You Need to Good Adviser

In an age of overabundant information, perhaps the fastest way to achieve better health and higher beauty is to find a good adviser with the right knowledge and extensive experience.
At Dr.PUR BEAUTE licensed salons, our professional advisers with a wealth of experience and knowledge will provide you with expert counseling on health and beauty care.



Turn the “skin you want to cover” into the “skin you’re proud to show!” Our line of products has been developed under the concept of creating skin that is beautiful and healthy. Based on sound principles of skin physiology, putting skin health as a priority, our line combines the latest in beauty care technology and a broad variety of some of the best ingredients.
Our comprehensive line of highly effective aging care beauty products was created with insistence on achieving the best results.



Health is the base for everything in life.
It doesn’t matter how wealthy one might become or how much effort one puts into presenting their appearance, if one doesn’t have health, everything is in vain. The kind of beauty women wish to achieve starts with physical health. We value health above all.

Development and research…

At Dr.PUR BEAUTE, the development of our products starts with analyzing the environment and circumstances in which people live today and determining what is lacking or what is unnecessary from the point of view of a “correct application of medical science” and the “laws of nature” then working under the guidance of researchers specialized in fields such as medical science.